Saturday, June 21, 2008

Still not 100%

But I am feeling better today. I took some meds and crashed on Friday evening. I made sure to force myself to eat some soup and drink some gatoraide to keep from becoming completely dehydrated. Today I went to help my mom do some housework even though I was exhausted. My mom had a pacemaker put in on Wednesday even though I didn't find out until Thursday. She didn't want my brother and I to know so we wouldn't worry. WTF? I'm still angry about that. How can you hide something like that from your family? She would have been beyond pissed at me if I had done something like that to her. Ughhhhhhh! I'm still going to worry so hiding it didn't stop the worrying. It just makes me worry more because I don't know if there's more she's hiding. I love my mama, and I can't imagine life without her. I need her around for as long as possible. I want so badly to make her a grandma again.

We've started working on the nursery again. We vacuum sealed a bunch of clothes, sheets, and a feather bed that we're not using anymore so we can put it all away in the attic instead of in the nursery. Rob primed the walls while I was at my parents' house, and tomorrow we will take off the baseboards and paint. I'm excited to paint and finally see the room in a nice color instead of the radioactive puke green it's been since we painted back in 2006. We've been putting off painting until we finally had a good prospect of filling that room with a baby. After we finish painting we will steam clean the carpet with the new carpet steamer I ordered last night from QVC. Hey just because I'm sick doesn't mean I will miss out on the anniversary of Easy Pay! Five easy payments with no interest or fees, how much better can you get! It's great to be able to budget for things.

Oh yeah, I also bought a bouncer on my latest trip to Wally World. I've been looking for an inexpensive one, and this one goes so well with the whole turtle duckie theme I've got going for the nursery. And it was on sale for only $19!

My fingerprinting is done. It was cool the way they do then printing without ink now. They print your 4 fingers as a set then your thumbs. And the computer tells them that they all match and came from the same person. Tomorrow I will go through our stuff and pull our birth certificates, social security cards, car registrations, and other items on our checklist to make copies to turn into our home study worker on Tuesday. I'm excited to finally meet them. They are the person that hopefully help us toward our future son or daughter.

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sparks said...

Hi, I just found your blog and wanted to let you know that i'm so very sorry for the loss of your daughter. i'll have to keep checking in to see what happens with your foster/adopt progress. Good luck, and i will keep you in our prayers.