Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cycle Day 1

It's not like I expected it, but it's also not like I wanted it to show up either. So my 3rd cycle on clomid was a failure. The "miracle drug" fails again. I've decided to continue trying on our own for a while. I'm just so tired of going to the doctor. I'll keep my main focus on getting ready for our home study and preparing for a placement. We only have a little over 2 weeks left until our "graduation class" or our final session. The final session will be a discussion panel with lots of people involved in the whole foster/adopt process that we can invite our families to attend. I hope that my parents will be able to make it that night, but it all depends on how my mom is feeling.

We worked on decorating the walls in the nursery today, and I hope to finish them tomorrow. We're waiting for payday this week to go purchase the mattress, gun safe, and a few more small things. I can't wait to get the mattress so we can finally see how the crib bedding looks in the room. I pray we don't do all this work on a nursery and end up not getting an infant.


Dream Mommy said...

I lost count of all my clomid failures. After my lap, I decided to try on my own. Then after several months made 2 ER trips for ruptured cysts! Now on the strongest birth control they have. Naturally, it ticks me off when people say I'll get pg...Really?? on the pill?? Yeah right! Still in the back of my mind I wish it would happen as I swallow my pill.

Anyway, back to foster parenting. The panel class is interesting. I've spoke on the panel twice and enjoyed it.

mesa said...

sorry about AF.. Clomid never was the miracle drug for me. Turns out adoption was :)
I'm excited to see your nursery pictures! Congrats on almost having your class completed! yay!