Monday, June 16, 2008

Still Mad

Last night Rob and I went out to dinner like we try to do at least once a week. We were supposed to be going to a nice sit down meal at a local seafood restaurant, Cypress Inn, that we love. As soon as we walk in the host tells us that they are completely out of catfish for the day. This was fine we could find something else on the menu. We sit down and the waitress comes over and tells us the same thing. "You can order anything on the menu except catfish." Ok, no problem I order the all you can eat shrimp and Rob orders a fried crawfish and fried crab claws plate. Both meals were supposed to have french fries. About 10-15 minutes after she took our order, she came by to tell me that she changed my order since they were closing at 8 and the chef wouldn't be doing any all you can eat meals. She didn't ask me to change my order. No, she took it upon herself to change my order for me. Maybe I didn't want just a shrimp plate. But she walked away as soon as she said that. Then I notice another 2 groups of people come in and be seated about 20 minutes after they claimed to be closing. One family sits by us and they order catfish. They get catfish. WTF? You tell us you have no catfish, but now all of sudden you have whole catfish. If you had whole catfish the whole time you could have said that. All you had to do was say we don't have any catfish fillets, but we do have whole catfish. I HATE being lied to.

Then she brings our meals and one of them has a baked potato. I'm fuming at this point. I couldn't even speak. I had to have Rob tell her our problems because I probably would have cussed her out. We ate our meal in silence and left as soon as we had our ticket. Robert voiced our problems to the cashier and all she had to say was "I'm sorry. She shouldn't have told you we were closing early since you were here before 8." That's not the only freaking problem. We did find out that the previous owner that I know and is a member of our church sold the place. So now it makes sense. I know I wouldn't have gotten such crappy service if Bob was still the owner. He cared about his customers, and it's obvious that the new owner just cares about the all mighty dollar. So this event marks another restaurant off of our list. I just hate it when local restaurants go down the tubes. But I work too hard for my money to waste it on crappy service.

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Dream Mommy said...

Sorry, but have to laugh. Sounds like the restuarants done here. They actually do run out of things all the time. The sad part is they are not smart enough to run to the grocery store that is right next door and pick up the missing items. So frustrating!