Monday, July 26, 2010

32 weeks

I'm still chugging along. This will probably be my last week working until after the baby comes. My blood pressure is starting to stay elevated, and the swelling in my lower extemities is pretty bad. It's hard to walk around much without my legs hurting, and they hurt to touch them too. I
have an appointment with my perinatologist this Wednesday so we will see how much little princess has grown. I will see my OB on Friday to see if he's going to make me stay home. I begged another week out of him last Friday so I could get some loose ends tied up at work.
Fuzzy had a fun birthday party. He loved running and playing with all the gymnatsics stuff and the huge ball pit. He got several toys that's he's addicted to, and has driven everyone crazy with them so far.
My first shower went well. I had a good time with my friends from church, and I'm so happy and blessed that so many people are happy for us.
Here are some pics from Fuzzy's party and my shower last weekend.
My hostesses Friends

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Now Robert!

Robert told me it was way past time for me to post again. He's my blog stalker. I didn't even realize that it was the beginning of the month when I posted last. Sorry about that. It's weird because time seems to be going to slowly when I think about getting to my delivery time, but in other areas time is moving quickly. I have about 3 weeks left at work before I start my scheduled maternity leave. I'm hoping to have 2 weeks at home before little miss is born. My fetal specialists are saying that they don't see me making it any further than 36 weeks...ahhhh! But little miss is doing great. She's still in the 89% percentile for a baby several weeks older than her. My blood pressure has started to creep up on occasion, and my docs will only increase my current meds once before we will start looking at delivery. They want to avoid an emergency situation like last time at all costs. I would prefer that also because I want to be awake and alert for delivery this time. The thought of hearing her first cry brings tears to my eyes.

The nursery is coming along well. The painting is done, crib is assembled, rocker and ottoman are ready. The letters that spell out her name have been lovingly designed and painted by her daddy. I'm working on a few extra decorations for her room, and hope to get her closet put together in the next few days. We won't have much time to work on the nursery this weekend since this is Fuzzy's birthday weekend. His party will be Saturday. I went the lazy route for the party. I knew I wouldn't have the energy to host a party at home so we're going to a party center. They will entertain the kids and handle everything. I will get the joy of just taking pictures and enjoying the party!

The next day will be my first baby shower. I went from worrying about not having one because it seemed like everyone I encountered that was due with me or behind me already had showers planned for them. Then all of a sudden I have 3 showers! I feel very blessed that so many people want to celebrate this baby's birth.

I will post pictures of the nursery, Fuzzy's party, and my shower as soon as I can. And I will try to get better and stay on top of my blog instead of just posting little updates on Face*book.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


We're still moving full steam ahead with my pregnancy and preparing for little girl's arrival. I had my 28 week ultrasound today to check her development, my fluid level, and other things. Everything is looking wonderful. She was sleeping peacefully throughout most of the scan. We got some good 3D shots of her smiling with big chubby cheeks. Love, love, love. She's measuring 31 weeks all over, and her estimated weight is 3 pounds 8 ounces. Our next goal is to get to 32 weeks then on to 36! I've decided that unless something changes with my health that I will go on maternity leave starting Aug. 9. My very swollen legs and feet are counting down the days. I've been having a lot of pressure very low, but that's because baby girl is head down now. My cervix is looking good too. She's moving all the time, and taking my breath away with some of her jabs.

Right now Rob is painting the nursery. I can't wait for that part to be done so we can putting things together and getting up the decorations. I now have 3 baby showers scheduled. I didn't expect to have that many, but I'm so happy that so many people want to celebrate our little girl. I've been having fun stressing over my registries just trying to make sure that I have everything on there, and that the things I have on there are really what we want and need.

I've got 2 doctors appointments next week, one with my OB and one with the perinatologist. But at least I've got a nice long weekend to look forward to also :)