Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Final Stand

My mind has been wandering for the past couple of days. Most of you won't understand why when I explain, but that's ok. On Sunday, we played Dungeons and Dragons like we do every other week. We have been playing with the same characters for a couple of years which I have never done before. Usually our characters last a few months at most. So over this time I have grown very attached to my character, Belle, and her back story.

Sunday was the climax of her story and her journey toward what I thought was one of her ultimate goals. I liken it to reading a series of books, and over time you are swept into the story. You feel a connection with the characters and how their story plays out. Then before you know it you reach the peak of the mountain, and sometimes you're left wondering where things will go from there.

Belle's story had all the ingredients needed for a good movie: Sad, lonely, beautiful girl meets handsome, strong, protective guy. They fall in love, but are torn apart because of evil bad guy trying to take over the world. Good guy turns bad and beautiful girl makes it her life goal to destroy now evil guy. Girl and guy meet again decades later, and have no choice but to fight to the death. Girl wins a bittersweet victory, and finds out more of the reasons why good guy turned bad. Girl accepts that she never stopped loving him, but it's too late now.

So now it feels like a chapter of my life is coming to an end. Our usual D & D group has gone and is going through a lot of changes with regular players moving away. I really hope that we will keep playing because I have never found anything else that challenges my imagination like Dungeons and Dragons. Video games just don't do it for me. I want my mind to be the limiter instead of a computer programmer. Plus I love the hanging out with friends playing and eating and BS'ing. I'm a paper RPG nerd and I love it!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I’ve always loved music. I starting singing in choirs when I was 4. When I’m happy I love to listen to music. When I’m angry or sad, I need to listen to music. It invigorates me. It soothes me. It speaks to me when no one else can. I spend most of my day at work with my headphones on listening to music. I’m not a person that will only listen to 1 genre. I think good music can be found in most categories of music. I’m excited that both of my kids love music, and I plan to nurture that interest as they grow older. Be it through playing an instrument or singing or writing music. But it would be cool to have my child become the next Beethoven or Steven Curtis Chapman :)