Thursday, June 12, 2008

Anime Fan Girl

Last night Rob and I went to see the movie, Bleach- Memories of Nobody. It's yet another one of my favorite anime brought to the big screen. It came out in 2006 in Japan, and just debuted in US theaters last night. It will only play for 2 showings in 2 days all over the country. I literally screamed when I saw the ads for it a a few weeks ago. I will rearrange my whole schedule to see certain movies. So I skipped drama rehearsal last night. A girl has got to keep her priorities in line.

I am very happy that anime has really taken off in popularity in the US in the past couple of years. Now it's much easier to find the dvds or watch the English translations on TV or find copies of mangas in the bookstore here in little ole Monroe. I can now walk in my local Books a Million and choose from hundreds of manga books. I don't have to buy them online from some other country anymore. I still have to do a lot of my anime shopping online because the selection is amazing, and I'll never find a lot of these things in a brick and mortar store.

Back to the movie. This movie was SO SO SO SOOOOOOO Good. I cried at the end. There was a much better group of movie goers there last night than the group we had to watch the Naruto movie with. I think it helped that most of them we not 13 years old and dropped off by their mommy with their friends. I found this great video that really captures the feel of the movie without the dialog that would lose most people that haven't been keeping up with the series.

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