Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Not alone

I've found a couple of internet friends in the past few days that are also fostering to adopt. Some of them even have experience with my state and how the system works here. It's great to know we're not alone in this, and that I know someone who has "been there and done that." She's renewed my hopes that we can truly get a baby through this process. Now I can't wait to get these classes done and get our home study out of the way! Check out one the ladies' blogs, Dream Mommy, it's a great one. I've been reading it all weekend from the beginning back in 2005.

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Dream Mommy said...

Thanks, but put a disclaimer before reading my blog. We've had some exceptionally bad luck and most experiences aren't as complicated as ours were. Of course, I'd still do it all over again knowing what I know now.

I'm here to help as much as I can. I love meeting new foster parents!