Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Ok I fallen off the face of the blog-o-sphere again. But I'm back to catch everyone up. Bella is cruising everywhere and standing on her own. I think it won't be long until she's walking! It's been so exciting to watch her grow and develop. But I still get a little sad at how fast this year has gone. I'm planning her 1st birthday party now :(

I can't remember if I mentioned that Arabella won her first pageant back in May. She did great despite the sweltering heat since the pageant was outside! She was crowned Baby Miss Louisiana Southern Fried Festival :) It was fun, but I doubt that I will become addicted to pageants like several of the people I met that day. One little girl in her division was in a pageant every weekend for the next 3 months. WTH? That is so not my thing. We've also been doing a little modeling for boutiques on Face*book.

Fuzzy turned 3 years old yesterday. It's still hard to believe that he's been with us this long. He had a great time at his party with all his friends. We got him his first big boy bike with training wheels and his very own superhero costume. Plus a new cowboy hat which he is in love with. Lots of Toy Story stuff to help feed his addiction to those movies too.
We're still failing miserably in the potty training department. The boy is stubborn, and could care less that he's soaking wet or dirty. He's never said once that he needs to potty or even let us know he was wet. I want to get him in a Pre-K 3 program so badly to get him into a more structured learning environment, but we can't since he's not potty trained. Plus he's a bully which just makes things even worse at daycare. His teacher is a great person, and loves the kids a bunch. But she hasn't received any type of early educational training that I think he needs.

We went to court last week, and for the first time the judge seems to be fed up with the BM and her "issues". Hopefully we will be going back in August for another termination hearing. Praying that we can finally end this chapter of our lives.

I'm still battling with my weight loss or lack of weight loss. Everything that I've tried that has worked for me in the past isn't working now. Every time I get on the scale I just want to give up. Hell why am I not enjoying all the wonderful bad for you foods, and not getting a pay off? But I keep trying. I just want to get to a good weight so I can do all the fun things with Bella. I don't want her to remember her fatty mama. I want her to have a mama that can run and play with her.

Oh yeah and here's one of Bella's modeling pictures I took.