Friday, March 21, 2008

Stupid Doctor

I was supposed to have my HSG done yesterday at 1:00 PM. Rob and I got to the hospital about 30 minutes before my appointment to go through admissions. I didn't freak out too much about being in this hospital. It did bother me when they put a name bracelet on me. I got a quick flashback to all my hospital stays when I was pregnant. But Rob was there which made things better. We got to radiology about 12:50 and waited to be called back. Rob couldn't come with me since the room was going to be too small for him along with the doctor and nurse. The nurse asked me what cycle day I was on, and I said 13. She then tells me that she thinks it's too late in my cycle to do this procedure. She went to talk to the doctor, and he came out and said the same thing. This procedure is usually done between day 7-10 of your cycle to avoid any chance of radiating an embryo. UGGGHHHHH! I took off half of my work day to get this done and so did Robert and now we can't get it done. I don't know why my doctor or his nurse scheduled this procedure so late in my cycle. I saw them on day 3 so they knew I needed to get this done quickly. I hate wasting my paid time off. My doc's office was closed yesterday afternoon and today, but he will get an ass chewing when I see him again!

The one good thing was that Robert went to the records area and talked to someone about possibly getting a color copy of Madison's picture that they took for records. They took about 5 Polaroids of her and managed to take the one really clear one. What the fuck? Why would you take that from the parents? The only pictures they will ever have and you take the good one. I haven't been able to go get it myself. I know my anger and temper and I would be in jail if they gave me any crap about it. But Rob says that this lady seems to really be trying to help us get a copy since they can't give us the one in the file. I might be able to get myself calm enough to ask about a trade where we give them the blurry pic and we get the clearer one. So we will see in a few days when we hear back from them.

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