Monday, March 17, 2008

On Hold! Grrrrr!

I'm on hold with my medical insurance company trying to find out if my HSG will be covered by them. This isn't my first call. I called last week only to find out that I needed to call my doctor and get a medical billing code since the insurance company couldn't figure out which hysterosalpingogram I was having. How the hell are you supposed to know all this shit. It's just a ploy on the insurance companies' side to frustrate you to no end and that way they can deny all of your claims and keep their profits nice and high. I still hate this company for making us fight with them for months to get Madison's medical bills paid. They tried to claim that I didn't add her to my policy within the 31 day time frame. I was ready to drive up to their office and open fire! So since my procedure is this Thursday I need to find out now how much will be covered! So while I wait on hold listening to the lame music, I decided to blog.

I'm glad that I'm done with my round of clomid this cycle. That shit makes me a raging bitch! I probably could have easily beat someone down without a care in the world. I would get mad at the drop of hat and have little to no remorse about it. Now I'm on my round of estradiol for the next couple of days. Here's what I've heard about estradiol:

Your body tends to naturally select or favor one follicle a month and hold the others back while it matures. The estradiol supresses this mechanism, allowing multiple follicles to mature, and making your clomid or other drugs a better shot at producing multiple eggs.

My doc has me acting like I'm already pregnant. So my beautiful, well stocked bar is going to wast right now. I'm not a lush, but I do love my booze. LOL!

I guess I'm still bitchy.

Here's to hoping that all the mood swings will yield us a Christmas miracle.

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did they pick up yet?? LOL