Saturday, March 8, 2008

Back to the drawing board

The witch reared her ugly head early this morning. I was hoping this would be the cycle since today's our 4th anniversary of dating. I found out about my last 2 pregnancies on or around special days. We found out we were blessed with Maddie on Christmas morning. And our other little angel gave us a positive test a couple of days before our dating anniversary. So I was really hoping this was going to be our month.

On a happier note, I should be getting my 2nd baby psychic reading today hopefully. I found out about 2 ladies that do readings online that focus on trying to conceive and babies through some online friends. They've all gotten readings from these ladies, and so far one of the psychics has a 100% accuracy on her predictions, and the other is at about 70% accurate.

My first reading was from Brooke. This was her prediction from the tarot cards:

Hi sorry for your loss, first of all.
The cards are showing you conceiving your second child between April and June. Now, a boy AND a girl come up around you. They show you with these two children next year. So I strongly feel this will be a full-term healthy baby!
Let me know when you get your BFP!

I'm waiting to hear back from Cherie on her prediction. She says I will hear from her by today so I'm hoping to know something soon. So we will see if both predictions correlate with each other.

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mesa said...

I'm liking Brooke and I hope she's right!