Thursday, March 13, 2008

My 2nd Reading

I got my 2nd reading last weekend. This one is really in depth and I'm hoping and praying it comes true.

Hi Ashely
Thank you for being patient with me while I got back to your reading.
They are showing me JULY and GIRL so this is either birth month, concieve month or the month you find out in. They also show her with a brother just over 2 years younger than her
When it comes to your daughter, would tell you that i see her as very beautiful. Someone who is confident in herself, is always easy going and always looking for the good in any situation or person. It hink that you will find that shes often inspired by many things in life and is always showing othe rpeople how to change things for the better. Shes someone who thinks before she speaks, would never hurt anyones feelings intentionally, but is also strong minded as well that shes certainly not going to be taken advantage of/
I would say that your duaghter is going to be tall for her age, always in the top 5 of her class in height. Shes got very long legs, her hair usually just past her shoulders and always left down. Shes fairly good about taking good care of her apperance, she likes to look presentable and feels more confident when she has taken care of herself. I think that you will find that there are people who are jealous of her, but your duaghte rnever understands why. She never takes her looks for granted and often does not rub it in anyones face that she knows that she is pretty.
She loves animails, has a very soft spot for dogs and cats and always asking to take all these strays that she insists follow her home each time lol.
I think that you will find that shes got a good eye for design, someone who lovse to organize things and has good confidence in herself and her abilities. always offering to help out around the house, lvoes to clean up, and just loves things look ing fresh. I think that you will find that shes someone who I would consider to be business oriented, and around the age of 18 comes up wtih her own business plan to do birthday parties and events. I believe that this starts as more of a "fairty tale" birthday party idea, and runs her own company. I do bleieve that her father has a hand in helping to get this off the ground. I think that you will find that eventually she takes on wedding parties, and other bigger events, and hires 2 other girls ot help her with this.

When it comes to marriage I see her closer to 26, they will have one girl and one boy of their own.
Let me know if you have any questions

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mesa said...

that would be awesome to come true Ash!! I've got so many hopes for you!