Monday, March 24, 2008


I start the 3rd medicine of my first medicated cycle tonight. This one is prometrium, which is a progesterone supplement to help my body up it's progesterone levels after taking the clomid and estrodiol. It should help thicken the uterine lining and support an embryo. I'll take this one until I get a positive or a negative pregnancy test. If it's positive than I will keep taking it until the doctor tells me otherwise. But if this cycle is a bust then I will stop and the evil witch will come on in a few days. I feel like such a freak for having to take drugs in order to possibly get pregnant. It doesn't help that I watched a bunch of baby shows today and it seems like getting pregnant is the easiest thing in the world for everyone else. You hardly if ever see a story about someone that had to take drugs or any other fertility treatments on the television unless it's a special on Discovery Health channel. I don't want to be an oddity. I just want to be normal sometimes. But I can't bear to keep trying on our own and just hoping that things will work out.

We had Chinese take out for supper tonight, and this was my fortune:

The path of life shall lead upwards for you.

I really hope it comes true soon.

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Mindy said...

I know how, umm, defeating it can feel to take meds to become pregnant. I also know that behind that defeat is alot of hope and excitement. So, accept the defeat of our bodies not working properly, and let the excitement in!! Maybe God led all of us girls to one another so that we could be freakishly odd infertiles (and soon-to-be formerly freakishly odd infertile preggo's) together! I have truckloads of faith that you'll be taking home a baby very soon, no matter what freakish things you go through to get pregnant--it will all be worth it!

Peace, Love, and Light,
(from CO)