Thursday, March 6, 2008


It's been a couple of days since I've gone on one of my rants so get ready. I'm so fucking tired of people coming up to me asking me if I've talked to J today. "How did her baby's first haircut go yesterday?" Why the hell do I care? Why the fuck do you feel the need to ask me? I don't give a flying fuck how it went. Walk down there to her desk and ask her yourself. I'm sure she has plenty of pictures to show you. Don't ask me! Don't you see the big March of Dimes sign on my desk that has In Loving Memory of Madison Sherina Renee Douglas written on it? Do you see any recent pictures of her or another child on my desk? Do I look like I have a baby at home with me which would automatically make me give a shit about someone else's kid's first haircut? Nope. I don't give a fuckity fuck fuck. So take your blind idiotic ass down the hall and ask someone who cares!

Hummm....that felt good. Wish I could say it out loud.

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