Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I was reading an article while I was waiting in the doctor's office today about secondary infertility. I always assumed that I fell into that category since I have gotten pregnant and I gave birth to a child. But now we're having problems getting pregnant and staying pregnant this time around. But per this article's definitions of secondary vs. primary infertility I don't really fall into either category. It said that primary infertility is the inability to get pregnant and carry to term. Secondary is when you've had a child, but you can't get pregnant again and carry to term. The part about "to term" is a tricky one. I didn't carry to term, but I did get pregnant and give birth to a child so am I suffering from primary or secondary infertility. It's not like someone with a brain or that values their life would call Madison a miscarriage. And even though she was so early she fought to stay with us for 10 hours outside of my body. So she was very much born and very much her own person, and my child. So I wonder what category I fit in? Maybe I should make up my own category called something like screwedup fertility. I think that fits me just right.

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