Monday, July 7, 2008

Visit #1 Done!

We had our 1st home study visit this evening, and I think it very well. A, the case worker, came by about 5:15 and stayed for a little over an hour. She looked at the pictures I took of all of the rooms in the house to help speed our process along. They were exactly what she wanted so we marked that part off the list. She looked at our wedding memory book that's on our coffee table because she's never seen an actual printed and bound book for wedding photos. Most of the questions that were asked were directed to me since I was done with all my questions on the paperwork. Rob still has several pages to go, but she said that was fine since she has make a 2nd visit anyway. So we will turn in our completed paperwork then. I was a little miffed that she didn't look at any of the rooms in person or check for any of the safety stuff. Maybe she assumed that we had done the whole house since you could plainly see the cabinet locks on our china hutch in the dining room when she came in the house. Our next visit will be in about a week or so. She'll give us a call to schedule it since she forgot her work calendar.

I've been promising pictures of the nursery for weeks. Here are the ones I took and gave to the case worker. I still can't get the true color of the walls to come through on camera. Enjoy!


mesa said...

yay Ashley! congrats! our SW didn't look at all our safety stuff either.. I was like don't you want to see this or that or the fire extinguisher? nope she said.. and never looked at them. you passed with flying colors I'm sure! I love love the nursery pictures! You guys look like you are ALL SET! so so exciting!!!

Mindy said...

Your nursery is awesome!! I love it! You and DH have done a great job. I hope that everything continues to go just as well for you both--and all of the children that you will help. I have strong faith that foster care can work with the right foster parents--and I believe that you will make excellent, top of the line, foster parents! Good luck with everything!


Anonymous said...

Don't know if you are as picky as I am... but I found a typo!

"Why am I here?
I started this blog as an outlet for my anger, sorrow, fears, and tears about a year after my daughter's death. Now it serves as an outlet for those feelings and my journey to becoming a mommy to a child heron earth."

Good job with nursery, I'm happy for you guys!
How are the carbon based 'rental units taking it?
Life is busy here and I'm still hoping to land a teaching job in A's hometown. *crosses finger,toes,eyes and fallopian tubes*


Maddie's Mom said...

Mesa, I was going to email you this morning to ask if your SW looked at all of your safety stuff when ya'll had a home study. Well, that's good to know and frustrating since we stayed up late to finish some of the harder installs. Oh well...

Thanks Teach for the heads up on the typo. I didn't even notice it.
The parental units seem Ok with it. Your mom was too excited when she saw the nursery and then started in on stuff we can make to add to it. The grandparental units seemed really excited and the prospect of a great grandchild when we told them this weekend. I'm keeping everything crossed for you to land a good teaching job!

Dream Mommy said...

The nursery looks awesome! Can't wait til it's filled with little ones.