Thursday, July 3, 2008

Great deals!

I'm going through withdrawls right now, our internet at home is down. Stupid Bell*South! It won't be up until tomorrow, I hope. So I'm sitting in my office at the church while the band practices for Sunday blogging and shopping online. I've been spending a lot of time on eBay looking for deals on baby stuff. So far I've gotten several awesome ones for crib sheets, clothes, and hooded towels. I've been driving myself nuts the past few days looking for a swing that doesn't cost an arm and leg. eBay has been a bust because the shipping costs are ridiculous for most items that size. We almost bought one last night from Wal-Mart for $100, but I decided to wait and keep looking. This morning I remembered Craigslist, and that we now have listings for our area. So I pulled it up, and guess what I found? I got an almost brand new Graco Lovin Hug swing for only $45!!! Her baby only used it for 2 weeks, and he's only 9 months old now. I'm too excited about my deal!
I also snagged an Exersaucer in excellent condition for $25! I just need to find somewhere to put it until I need it, but I couldn't pass up a deal like that. I'm still on the hunt for a glider or a traditional rocker for the nursery. I just refuse to settle for one that doesn't match to only save a few bucks. There's a wood craftsman that has a shop not too far from us, and I plan to stop over there and check out a rocker. We got the gun safe last night, and the lock for the closet that has the swords and other weapons in it now. We're about 90% done with the child proofing. We still have a couple of cabinets that are proving difficult to secure. Once the garbage men come tomorrow, and haul away all the boxes and stuff we can really start cleaning this weekend. I'm too excited about getting all the excess boxes out of my house and out of my way!

We still have a lot of the home study questions to fill out, but it's hard. It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't ask the same question 4 different ways right after each other. My hand is aching just thinking out it. But we will have it all done for Monday. Wow, time is really moving fast.

Well, I probably won't check back in tomorrow so Happy 4th to everyone!

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Dream Mommy said...

Man! I just gave away one of our baby swings. We had collected 3 and thought Bubbles' brother was coming to live with us, but when she moved, gave one to a coworker! Exersaucer is definately a must. Sounds like you're way more prepared than we were.