Monday, July 21, 2008

No Progress

I'm at home sick and feeling funky today. I hate my sinuses. I hate, hate, hate them! The past few weeks have been horrible. It seems like every other day my head feels like it's going to explode, and it's a crap shoot if I will be able to breathe out of my nose or if it will be running and dripping all day. I've had a fever on and off since yesterday, and it sucks because I sweat all the time anyway and this just makes me feel like I'm having hot flashes. Ughhhhh! I'm doping myself up and will continue so that I can hopefully go to work tomorrow. I hate using my time off. I feel like I need to conserve my time so we can have some sort of vacation this year together. We will probably visit my brother and his girlfriend in Plano again this year. There is so much to do in the Dallas area that we have things left on our list from last year's visit. I just found out last week that my brother's girlfriend, Janet, is expecting. So in a couple of months I will have my 1st niece or nephew, and I will definitely make the drive to Dallas to be there for the birth if at all possible. The whole baby thing was shock to my brother, and an even bigger life change than it is for most people. This whole thing is bringing his life as he knows it to an end. J wants him to move in with her in her home. But that will mean giving up his apartment. This is the apartment that he and his wife lived in together until her death almost 3 years ago. This is closing a chapter of his life and his past without much of a notice. But he wants to do the right thing for everyone. I just pray he makes the right decision for him and his child. Our family has seen so much loss in the past few years that it's time for the joy and happiness that a new child can bring.

Rob called and actually got our home study case worker, A, on the phone. But now that his schedule has changed to 10 hour days it makes it harder to get both of us together with A. I get off at 5 and he doesn't get off until 6:30 Tuesday-Friday. He's off on Mondays, but A is booked solid on her schedule until August 13. That is freaking forever away. So we're in a stand still until almost a month from now. A said that she will try to rearrange some things to get to see us before then, but I'm not holding my breath. I was hoping and praying that we would finish our home study a lot sooner than the 90 days they have to finish it. I really wonder if we can still possibly get called for a placement before our home study is approved. I get so many different answers to that question, some say yes and others say probably not. So I guess we're at the end of the line right now, if we are even in line at this point.


Anonymous said...

Sending you my positive thoughts that your home study will be done soon! : ) Congratulations on your future niece or nephew! I hope you're feeling better!

Lyn said...

My DH and I are looking to adopt also and for me the hard part came when all the work was done, our homestudy approved and the waiting started...we're still waiting but my heart goes out to you, I hope this happens for you guys soon!

Dream Mommy said...

Can you get a placement now? It depends on how desparately they want to place a child. They will spout out rules that they will bend in a second when they have to place a child.