Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fuzzy Heathen

My kitten has driving me crazy lately, but he's pushing his luck today. I ordered him soft paws, those plastic caps that you can use instead of declawing a cat, a few weeks ago. Rob put them on him and they helped a little. But several have some off and been reapplied again and again. Right now he's missing several and has decided that he would rather claw the rugs in the house instead of the nice catnip covered scratching post. I've shot that cat with water guns more times than I can remember today, but as soon as he's dry he's doing it again! Ughhhh. I really don't want to declaw him, but I also can't take another animal destroying stuff. I already have an effed up couch and recliner because of Rob's dog. Rob keeps telling me that the kitten will grow out of it, but damn that needs to happen soon.

But other than that annoyance I've had a pretty good and relaxing day. I slept late, thank God, and then stayed in bed watching TV until 1 in the afternoon. It's nice not having anything at all to do sometimes. I know that will change once we have a child in the house, but that's a change that I welcome.


Anonymous said...

Add Lemon juice to water gun. Just a little. If that doesn't work and he's still persistent, try ammonia, only be careful not to get that in his eyes.
I've got one that as long as I leave our wooden stool where she can find it, she scratches that, but if I block it by accident or don't put it out where she can find it, she claws the walls!

Dream Mommy said...

Have you tried clipping his nails? Does he let you? I started this early with my cat and he still lets me cut his nails. Of course, he's almost 5 years old and STILL acts like a kitten!

Maddie's Mom said...

Yep, we've tried clipping his nails, but it only seems to lasts a day or two. I forgot all about the lemon juice. Thanks for reminding me.