Thursday, August 30, 2007

Our Anniversary

Next week, well Labor Day to be exact, will be our 2nd wedding anniversary! This year we're taking a trip to Dallas to go to Six Flags, a couple of museums, the aquarium, and lots of OUTLET SHOPPING!!!!! I'm excited about lots of great discounts and sales especially since this is a holiday weekend. So we will get out on the road early Saturday morning after we drop our dogs off at Rob's parent's house for baby sitting. Then we're meeting up with my brother, his girlfriend, and her son for the Six Flags adventure. She's getting us discounted tickets which is hella cool! Saturday and Sunday we will stay at my brother's apartment in Plano to save some $$. He lives down the street from a fabulous sushi restaurant. I can wait. I love, love, love me some sushi!!!! I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. Then on Monday we're going to check into The Adolphus hotel in Dallas. I hope it's a beautiful and luxurious in person as it is online. I'm hoping for something a lot different than the "typical hotel room" on this trip.

It's become a tradition for us now to take off about a week or so from work around this time. We did this last year and went away to the mountains of Hot Springs, Arkansas for a lot of alone time. This time last year was so hard because Madison was due on our anniversary. So as the days draw closer to September I think back on what life should be like now. I know that we would probably still take off a couple of days but those days would be filled with the laughter of our daughter. We would need a high chair at the restaurant instead of watching the waiter take it to another person's table. I think this year will be a lot less painful, but the dreams of what should be will still be in the back of my mind.


mesa said...

Happy Anniversary Ashley & Robert!
I feel like I am very parallel to you in a lot of ways. Ella was due right around our anniversary too. Just know they are in a better place and want the most happiness for us. It definately can't take away the pain of missing them though.. that's for sure.
The hotel looks super nice. Please take lots of pictures and you guys have fun!! xo
ps. I love you guys' pic!

niobe said...

Happy anniversary! You've planned a wonderful celebration. I am a sushi fanatic myself, so I'll be thinking of you feasting on all that tasty sushi and trying very hard not to be jealous.

Those thoughts of how things should have been are so painful. I have them all the time too.