Monday, August 6, 2007

Guess What?

The scale finally started moving in the downward direction. I'm down 7 pounds from last week. Maybe it's the Fuze drinks in combination with trying to actually eat better. Maybe sweating like a pig last night helping Robert work in our yard helped. I was shocked, but this will just help me keep my eyes on the prize. One step closer to being healthier! Once I'm down like 50 pounds I might actually admit my starting weight, but not right now.

We did some shopping this weekend since it was our state's no tax weekend. But not really because the only tax you didn't have to pay was state taxes. We still had to pay city and parish taxes, but hey the 4% off helped. We returned a ceiling fan to Home Depot and got another one to put in the nursery. So now we can get more of the renovations done. It's kind of hard to work in a room with no light. We also picked up some house stuff like an additional fan for our bedroom. It's freaking hot in there sometimes. I finally went by Tuesday Mornings and I love it!!! I got 2 Calphalon baking sheets for $20.00, a great wine bottle opener, and some other cooking things for great prices. I also got a beginners knitting set that has a hat and baby booties for a couple of bucks. It's never too early to plan.

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mesa said...

Ash- you did great girl! I'm so proud of you for getting back on track! I gotta get back on but it's so hard..looking forward to vacation this weekend.. aye! I love the shopping you gotta tell me what other bebe stuff you get!