Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Sundae Sunday

Today was our church's annual Make Your Own Sundae Sunday, and like always the band helps serve the ice cream after the 11 AM service. It's always fun getting to see everyone and just have fun. We usually have a large turnout for this event. I usually don't see that many people on Sundays because I get to church an hour before the service to make sure that everything is up and running for the overheads and make sure that my lyrics are right. And by the time I get done with my after the service duties most people have gone home. I like being in the balcony because the view is great, but I do miss the way my old computer booth was out in the congregation with everyone. So I really love after church fellowship programs. I love my church. There's is always something going on for everyone. Well, I've got to run. I'm going to the orientation for the next session of First Place Weight Loss at my church. I think it will be just what I need, a bible centered approach at losing weight. I think it's funny we just had ice cream sundaes and now it's time to lose weight! I'll post about it later.


mesa said...

that sounds like fun! they did pizza for the kids after church today at our church. I'm glad you got to have some fellowship today and the weight loss group sounds great! let me know how it goes!

niobe said...

mmmm... I haven't had a sundae in so long and suddenly I'm sooo hungry for one.