Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Things are still going about the same as they have been. L is still crying every time I come get her. She still avoids me if she can and doesn't speak to me at all. The daycare says that she eats well, drinks her milk, and is starting to talk to them. Yep, she's doing everything that we have to battle her for at home without a problem at daycare. I'm glad that she's opening up more, but it's frustrating that those changes are not making their way home.

I talked to the foster parent that will be doing respite for us while we're in TX this weekend. She sounds like a nice person, and has been a foster parent for several years. They are in the process of adopting 2 of their foster children so they can only do respite at this time. Rob and I will take L over there Thursday evening so that we can get on the road bright and early Friday. I think she will enjoy herself over there because there will be other kids that are roughly the ages of her siblings. My boss and co-workers are giving me a hard time for leaving her, but I really need a break from all the issues. We need some enjoyable time. Our marriage needs this trip. So I refuse to let them make me feel bad about my decisions. No one truly knows until they have lived your life.

I'm looking forward to Thursday because I'm only working half a day, and then I'm heading to Rain the Salon and Day Spa! I haven't been there in ages because money has been kind of tight so luxuries had to be put aside. But now things are going better and I'll be taking better care of myself. I've got an appointment for a cut, color, and spa pedicure. I haven't had a pedicure since my wedding day. I'm so excited! Well, the kiddos have been in bed for about an hour and it's time for me to go too.


Anonymous said...

Only you have the right to decide what is right for your life!


Dream Mommy said...

Do not be afraid to use respite. I think it would have saved the placement of J and his brothers with their prior foster parents. You need the break sometimes. Don't feel bad about it. That is what respite is for, to help you keep your sanity.