Saturday, April 4, 2009


Day 2 in Tinyville:

We all slept pretty well last night, and got up around 9 the next morning. I tried to get L to eat, but she won't eat anything but the apple juice I keep giving her. I guess that's better than nothing. We were running late getting Fuzzy to daycare, and his BM was early for her visit. The 1 freaking time she's early would be the day were really late. Ughhhhh! The daycare called us, and I told them Fuzzy would be there soon and to tell his birthmom to shove it. I knew they wouldn't tell her that part.

After dropping Fuzzy off, we had to go to wal-mart to shop for L. It took us a grand total of 4 hours to get the shopping trip done. 1 of those hours was us waiting for the social worker to bring her slow ass there to pay for all the stuff we had to get L. But I'm proud of myself, I got her a ton of cute clothes and managed to stay within the allotted amounts.

When we got home, Rob and I started back working on the spare bedroom so we could move L in there that night. It took us a couple of hours, but it was ready for her to stay in that evening.

After we finished that I tried to get L to eat one of the little toddler meals I grabbed at walmart. She ate pretty good so I was happy that she was at least eating some food. I gave her a bath after dinner which was a big fiasco. I let L sit and play in the water for a while before I started actually bathing her. I had to change the water because she was so dirty. Then I started on my major project, her hair. She screamed and screamed when I wet her hair. But I had to get it washed. It was so tangled and matted. She finally calmed down a few minutes after I finished. I got her into her new PJs before tackling her hair again. I found a huge sore and ringworms. Fun! How the hell do you let a child get like that?

It took me a lot longer to get L to sleep this night, and she didn't stay down for long. It took us 3 different times of putting her to sleep for her to actually stay asleep. I know that the 1st night she just slept out of exhaustion, but I'm praying that she's easier to get to bed from now on. I was hoping and praying that her loud screaming and yelling wasn't going to wake Fuzzy.

Day 3:

We know have the battle of the munchkins. Fuzzy the 8 month old I was here 1st vs. L the almost 2 year old I can take your toy and walk away are fighting for our attention. I can't give them both a toy to play with because L will take whatever Fuzzy has. Her favorite word is No. We have had the don't kick the baby discussion a couple of times now. She is eating better tho and smiling so that's good. I'm so tired and emotionally spent. I dread going back to work, and having to balance all this with my work.

There's a court hearing Monday so we will know more then about the case and such. Tuesday they are having visitation, but I'm not sure if the parents will be involved or just the kids. Wednesday morning we have L's physical scheduled unless we can get her in Monday. I don't have a bunch of time to take off work, and with this whole merger going on at work I need to be there showing my face. I don't want to neglect my duties as a foster parent, but I need my job too. My job is my bread and butter.

Well, I need to go work on my church stuff while Rob entertains the kids.


Anonymous said...

Well it sounds like you and Robert have your hands full. I don't know how you do it, but you are doing God's work with these children. They are really lucky to have you.


Dream Mommy said...

Good job on making the worker take you shopping. You get more for your money because they can buy tax free(and you don't have to wait forever for reimbursement).

I've always found bathtime difficult, but I heard a lot of kids are abused in the bathroom.

Hang in there and be consistent with the bedtime routine. Suffer a few lost nights of sleep and establish a bedtime and you'll be glad later.

Good luck. Little ones are so much fun.

Patty said...

I am PRAYING for you guys! And I am just so thankful for the blessing you are to those sweet babies. xoxooxoxxo