Friday, April 10, 2009

Things haven't gotten much better yet, they are probably worse. L talked to her mom last night, and cried the whole time. I didn't expect it to go well, but the CW was fine with the mom calling the kids to talk to them sometimes. L's mom asked me if I would meet her today to get the antibiotic ointment that L needs for the ringworm, and so she could see her for a little bit. I initially said yes, but after some thinking and sleeping on it I decided that wasn't a good idea. L was a wreck after her visit, and I didn't want to deal with that in Wal-mart and for the rest of the day while I have the kids alone for the day. I did tell her mom that I would take some pictures of her in her Easter frocks, and send them to her Tuesday for her visit.

Wednesday, we took L to the doctor for her physical. Rob was there for a couple of hours of the wait, but had to get to work before we were done. It took us 3 hours to get her physical done because we didn't have any of her Medicaid info. Her mom was claiming that she didn't have the cards. It took the doctor's office a while to locate her info and get a referral faxed over from her previous doctor that's in another city. L cried several times during the exam, but wouldn't let me comfort her at all. Then I dropped her off at daycare before I headed back to work for the rest of the day. Rob's parents came over that evening and like always L ran to Rob's dad even though she has never met him in her life. She smiled and played with them the whole time until bedtime. I make Rob do bedtime so that he can deal with her screaming sometimes, and like always she threw a screaming fit but even bigger than usual because we had visitors.

Yesterday, we got to leave a little early from work so I used that time to run up to the church to put my overheads on the computer for maundy Thursday service and for Good Friday. I gased up the car, and dropped off L's prescriptions. I talked to the pharmicist about the medicaid situation because I just knew that the numbers the CW emailed me were not right. They look nothing like Fuzzy's medicaid number. I'm not sure what the hell the CW sent me even though she claims that they are right. So we didn't get the prescription filled because the pharmacy has to try to talk with medicade to see if they can give them the correct number. WTF? More running around wasting time doing stuff that the CW should be doing.

Today, we've had a house of crying babies. Fuzzy is in a bad mood since his teeth/gums are bothering him again. I've medicated him and been loving on him when I can. I'll be glad when his teeth finally break through. L is alternating crying/humming/ and trying to destroy the house every time I turn my back. I put her down for a nap and she cried like usual, but at some point while she was in her room she took it upon herself to tear things up. The room was a wreck when I got in there because she had gone through the closet and her dresser pulling stuff out and opening packages. I just don't know. I try to play with her, but she just looks at me and stares at me. So when I don't play with her she may play alone for a little bit, but then I will look up and she's staring at me. I just don't know what to do. I'm counting down the hours until I can go to church tonight. There is no way I could spend every day at home with these kids, I would lose my mind. Thank God for the nursery!!! I need a day off, alone to just focus on me. Huhhhhhhhh....