Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Double Standards

We're going out to lunch today for one of my co-workers birthday. The way we handle birthdays has changed constantly but never consistently since I've been here. My first day here was on my 25th birthday. No one even knew it was my birthday until several weeks later. But at that time the group had a birthday club. The person that had the last birthday would by the cake for the next person's birthday. It worked pretty good, but some people didn't want to participate the next year. So after I bought someone's cake the group decided to end the birthday club 2 weeks before my 26th birthday. Just my luck, no cake for me. The group decided to not celebrate anyone's birthday as a group except for people like our boss and our VP. This lasted for a year even though some people other than the boss and VP got cakes or lunches. I didn't get squat. Really makes you see how important you are to people. My boss bought me a cake this year out of no where, and I was shocked. But that's all I got. Not like other people who get a cake and lunch and gifts. I would think I was being a brat complaining that no one does anything for me on my birthday, but several other people have mentioned the double standards when it comes to birthdays in out group. Well time to go to lunch, I'll try to post later about what's going on with me besides being the red headed step child.

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