Monday, April 21, 2008

The Barren Family

I read all the time the blogs of my friends or posts that my friends make on the CO (Conception-Obsession) message board about all of their siblings, nieces, and nephews having lots of babies and getting pregnant just by looking at each other. And I feel so bad for them. I can't imagine being bombarded with that within your own family day after day. I have lots of cousins that have lots of kids, but since they are so much older than me it doesn't bother me. Rob doesn't have any cousins.

My brother and my husband's siblings have no kids of their own. One of them has PCOS most likely, but she's never come out and said for certain. But she doesn't think they will be able to conceive without medical intervention like IVF. I really hope she gets her miracle all on her own. My brother isn't looking to have kids anytime soon since he's a widower with no plans to remarry in the foreseeable future. Rob's brother is married to an older lady that has her own kids almost our age and most likely won't be having any more. My other sister-in-law doesn't need to have a kid in the situation she's in now, but that story is too long to get into now.

So that leaves us. We're the babies of our families. We've been married almost 3 years, and we're basically stable. So to cut to the chase we're the ones that everyone is looking at to produce the next generation. Damn, I just got this horrible Star Trek image in my head. Back to what I was saying. I do feel blessed to not have a gang of nieces and nephews everywhere I look. I think that would just be adding salt to a wound that is no where near being healed.

I got a chance to daydream yesterday after lunch. The restaurant we went to is right next to a baby boutique. So I stood in the window looking at the designer baby outfits and the gorgeous white bassinet covered in flowing fabrics with a big pink bow. I imagined shopping in there with my mom like we used to do when I was a little girl. I just pray that those won't stay locked in my imagination, someday they will become a reality.


Anonymous said...

I have PCOS.
I was diagnosed, FINALLY, two years ago.

Before that I spent 10 years telling doctors that something was wrong, but no one listened 'til I demanded my rights as a patient. Now I usually know more about my condition than my doctors do and I won't stand for a doctor who won't listen.

PLEASE,... if you think you fit the profile for PCOS find a doctor that will LISTEN ASAP.

The other problems that PCOS can create are at times scary but treatable IF you can get someone to listen to you.

*hugs* If I have children,...I know I will love them all the more for the wait. Now,... I make the rest of my life ready for a baby when it's time. I refuse to get crazy about it... it does me more harm than good.

Thanks for thinking of me.:)

Anonymous said...

I can relate. I only have 2 nephews that I don't even see very often. Paul and I are both the oldest in our families. His brothers have no urge to have kids right now, and my little sister is all done having children. My mom and Paul's mom both struggled with infertility issues. So, it was no big surprise that we had infertility issues as well. It's a blessing sometimes not to always be bombarded with pregnancy announcements.

Make me a promise. When you have another baby, go out and buy that beautiful bassinet that you saw. With the appropriately colored bow, of course! You can look at it is a healing after infertility. :)