Saturday, April 5, 2008

Another Prediction

I finally gave in and got a prediction from another one of the psychics that a lot of the girls on the message board have been using. It's only a couple of bucks and it's fun to have a little extra hope. Here's what I got today from Jennifer:

Hi Ashley,
Oh man! I hate to read stuff like that. It is so sad and I'm sorry that you have had to endure that pain and loss.
Your reading reveals that your next BFP news comes the month of May 2008. The baby shows as a boy and his EDD/birthdate is referenced the month of February 2009 (7th) and a C/S in January 2009 - (25th).

Interesting. I guess we will see who's right since I've gotten 3 different readings. 2 of them are in the same time frame, but showing different genders of babies. The 3rd one is a couple of months later. I hope someone is right because I'm ready to be a mommy again!

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mesa said...

ooh that sounds good! good luck momma! xo