Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My new baby

I'm finally free of the horror which was my lemon of a car also known as the Grand Am from Hell. I've hated that thing since about 6 months after I got it. It had brake problems all the time. It was in the shop 18 times in about a year and half. It really pissed me off since I bought that car brand new with 10 miles on it. But since it was under warrenty I was stuck taking it to a GM shop, and there is only 1 that specializes in Pontiac vehicles in my area. I ended up filing a lawsuit through my state's lemon laws against GM because they could never get the brakes fixed in a way that would stay fixed. Usually they would fix the brakes and they would be back to sounding horrible in a couple of days. When I got that car my brother, who's a auto loan officer, told me not to. But I was hardheaded. I wanted that car because I had been in love with them since high school. I should have listened. So this time I called him first after I started looking at cars. I consulted him on everything, and I ended up with a great deal on a great car. I bought a 2008 Chevy Equinox last Thursday. I just love it. It's got plenty of room for little ones and we can haul things if we need to. I love the way it drives even though I'm still getting used to parking a larger vehicle. I haven't taken any pictures of mine yet, but this one looks just like it.


mesa said...

yay Ashley! Congrats on the new car! those have alot of room! You are all set momma!
I like the color too!

Anonymous said...
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