Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

I'm having a wonderful day in the world of corporate rules and regulations, and counting the hours until I can get the hell out of here. Rob gave me my valentines early since I was having a crappy night last night. I got the sweetest card from Madison and one from Rob too with a big huge heart of Russel Stovers chocolates. I can't wait to plow through those. I love my little angel and my skwerl master. We're planning a simple evening at home after band practice since restaurants bite on valentine's day. So Rob is going to try out a new recipe I found for sweet and hot tofu over rice. Then we will play some games on the wii. That's about it for us.

My friend, Mesa, sent me this video and I have to share it with everyone in honor of all the "real couples" out there. You'll know what I mean when I say "real couples" after you watch the video :)

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mesa said...

hahah!! I knew you'd like that video! It cracks me up!