Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Adoption Frustrations

I'm not sure if I should be fuming mad or not. I finally got one of the social workers from the agency we want to use to call me back. She tells me that she remembered reading our interest letter, but they don't know what happened to it. They've also lost our application/survey. WTH!!! I mailed it all back to them at the beginning of December. I didn't call about it because my co-worker that used them for her adoption said that they wouldn't get anything done during the holidays. And also they were going through a lot since their main adoption person was retiring. So I gave them more time. I started calling a couple of weeks ago, but I would never get a call back. The receptionist always said that she would find our file and have some call us. Finally today I get a call back. Well, now I see why we never got a call back!!!!! Ughhhh!!!!!! The social worker I talked to seems very nice and apologized several times. She asked if we would re-send our letter to them. And she is mailing us another application today to fill out. I just don't know if I should keep trying with them. They seem so unorganized right now. Why can't anything ever be simple?


niobe said...

I'd be worried that if they're unable to do something as simple as file an application and letter or return phone calls that they would be unable to help you through the complex adoption process. I know I'd be fuming mad.

mesa said...

follow your heart Ash- you can give them another shot or not. I would hope they wouldn't mess up again but go with your gut. ♥