Saturday, July 11, 2009

Well, we were expecting to hear from Fuzzy's BM this morning because today was supposed to be his 2nd overnight visit. She didn't call us so we called her at 9 which should have been an hour before we met, and her phone went straight to voice mail. Rob left a message. I called back about 10:30, and got the same thing. We were told that she was having visits every other Saturday. CW is out of town right now, but we called and left her a message anyway. I'm not sure what's going on, but I'll be damned if she thinks she's getting him next weekend for his birthday. No ma'am because one it's not your week I don't care if you flaked out this weekend and two we've already gotten the judge's sign-off to take him to TX next weekend. I'm not calling anymore. I'm not keeper. I've done all that I think I should do.

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Dream Mommy said...

You're nicer than me. I wouldn't have called. I would have showed up, waited a while, then documented as a no show for visits. Keep a schedule of missed visits. Cw's seem to conveniently leave out this info at court. Give it to the child's attorney or CASA worker if he has one.