Saturday, July 25, 2009


I'm enjoying my Saturday at home with not much to do. L is spending the day with my mom. My mom is determined to potty train her so I'm letting her try. My mother-in-law has taken her to use the big toilet a couple of times, and she's told Rob that she was about to wet her diaper a couple of times. She's never told me or given me any indication that she was ready to be potty trained. Also her lack of communication hasn't made me rush to start this transition. She just started speech therapy yesterday, so hopefully that will help her start communicating with us better and more consistently. Fuzzy took a nice nap, but woke up cranky as hell. He's now happily playing in his car while we watch Inuyasha. We're planning on grilling tonight which I'm looking forward to. After last weekend's festivities and constant running around it took me several days to fully recover so this lazy weekend is very much appreciated.

I know I promised more pictures from the party (and one from his birthday the next day), but I only have a couple that aren't full on face shots of Fuzzy. So here's what I've got.


kristine said...

So cute Ashley!

Cindy said...

That is one freaky scary looking Big Bird :)

Your family is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. :)