Thursday, July 9, 2009

Let's Get Ready to Rumble

I'm past fed up with the system and it's lack of work. Yesterday, transportation picked up Fuzzy at 9:30 from day care. They sent him with 4 diapers, some wipes, a jar of food, a bottle, and a change of clothes. He was dropped off at 1:45 PM with all 4 diapers, wet clothes (the same ones he left in), and a bottle full of cloudy water. He was starving. He had not been changed that entire time. WTF? Really? How can an office full of "professional workers" have a baby in their care for almost 5 hours and never bother to change him? How can you possibly teach his dumb ass BM how to parent him if you can't do it either? I can't be with him all the time, but stupid me thought that he would be ok with a bunch of social workers. His actual case worker is on vacation right now, but her supervisor was supposed to be there. I called the supervisor and basically got rushed off the phone. I told her what happened and asked her why this happened. All she said was that BM was supposed to change him during her visit. WTF? Aren't you supposed to make sure she does this? Aren't you supposed to make sure he's taken care of correctly? Or are you "too busy" to give a damn.

I'm in the process of gathering all of my documentation to send a copy to Fuzzy's attorney. I've never met her, but I have her address. It may not do any good, but I'm going to try anyway. Someone has to be willing to go to bat for this child. I will do everything I can for him as long as I can.


armyadamsgirl said...

wtf... ugh...

Dream Mommy said...

document everything and make the child's attorney your best friend.

I guess now would not be a good time to mention they don't know how to use proper carseats. I met Smiley at ocs brought by transportation and he was in a booster seat with a seatbelt holding him in. He was barely a year old.

It's frustrating, but your only other option is to take off work, transport and supervise the visit yourself. We had to do this often with Smiley because his mom was incapable and I can't even count how many visits my hubby had to supervise, but the alternative was no supervision for smiley.