Saturday, July 11, 2009


Fuzzy's BM called about an hour ago saying that she didn't know that it was her day to have him. I don't know how else you need to explain to someone when you tell them every other Saturday. I think that's pretty simple. You get a damn calendar and you mark every other freaking Saturday from the start date! But I expected this. I know that she's thinking that if she didn't visit this weekend that next weekend (Fuzzy's birthday) would be her visit day. But I thought about this happening already so when these Saturday visits started I requested and received the judge's authorization to take Fuzzy to Dallas next weekend. BM just kept saying that she's planned him a party and all her family is traveling here for it from Phili and New Orleans. Yeah right! She said that she'll work something out with the social worker when she gets back in town next week. I just kept my mouth shut. BM is not going to ruin Fuzzy's 1st birthday. He will enjoy himself with the family he knows and loves.


Dream Mommy said...

She will try to get a visit next weekennd. Smiley's mom got make up visits sometimes. You should be ok since you already got authorization to leave. Of course, she'd hang herself if she got the visit, forgot about it again,and you were out of town and they ended up having to put him in respite.

Hang in there and keep fighting and documenting.

J's grandparents called upset cause they weren't notified of the final visit. Yes, they scheduled a second final visit and they didn't even show. Was hard on his 6 yr old sister who understood too well that her grandparents weren't there.

Anonymous said...

Good for you for foreseeing that this would happen. It helps to be one step ahead, huh?

armyadamsgirl said...

any updates?