Thursday, July 16, 2009

Party Time

I would have updated sooner if I heard from Fuzzy's CW earlier, but I just got a call from her today. She let me know that BM got mad when she told her that NO she wasn't going to get Fuzzy's for his birthday. That we had already planned to have him out of town weeks in advance. After getting an attitude didn't work then she tried the waterworks, but that didn't work either. CW just told BM that the judge had already approved it. Plus the district supervisor had decided that BM will not have anymore weekend visits for a while after reading our list of problems with his last visit. She will still have overnight visits sometimes because the judge ordered it. But the visits will be during the week so that CW can check up on Fuzzy and see how things are going. She will be able to see how he is when he leaves our care and how he is when he's returned to us. So his next visit will be Monday and CW will bring him back Tuesday morning to the day care. I'm not happy about the overnight visit, but I'm thankful that we will have our son with us for his birthday.

CW told me that they did go over our list of problems from the last visit with BM. And she actually had the nerve to try to say he had a diaper rash when we gave him to her, but she forgot to mention it to anyone or take a picture. Isn't that just convenient? It's nice that we have the day care backing us that no his butt was perfectly fine on Friday evening when I picked him up. But when he comes home Sunday afternoon his butt is raw.

I've still got tons to do to prepare for this weekend. And it's time for me to run and pick up the kids before band practice so gotta go!


Carrie said...

I'm so glad that you're going to get to have him for his birthday!

I read your blog every time you post- and I don't comment often, but please know that you and your DH are in my prayers. Your strength is amazing.

armyadamsgirl said...

thank goodness!!! thankfully now the cw can see what is going on first hand with the bm.

Dream Mommy said...

Babies get diaper rashes. Thank goodness they seem to be waking up a little. I'm so glad they didn't give in to bio mom this time. Of course she took the opportunity to have an attitude about it. So many times they get what they want so it's nice when they actually have to follow the caseplan too.