Sunday, August 24, 2008


Nope, we didn't get called for a placement, but I'm happy none the less. We finished up Madison's quilt square on Saturday, and I rushed it to the post office that afternoon. So now it's on it's way via Priority Mail to the lady that's constructing the memorial quilt. We're about 3 weeks late getting this to her. This square took us a lot longer than last years square. I think it was partly because we were busy working on getting our classes done and home study visits done that we just kept forgetting about it. I had a general idea of what I wanted the square to be, it was just figuring our how to construct it. I designed it and Rob did all of the sewing. He did a ton of stitching of ribbon and small beads. The butterfly has a whole lot of beads on it. I love my crafty hubby. I haven't sewn anything since I was a child so I was no help in that category. I cut ribbon, put Madison's name on there, and tried to keep the cat out of the way while Rob sewed. I can't wait to see the finished project with all the squares lovingly constructed for our angel babies. I hope that this quilt raises even more than the one last year for Preeclampsia research. We're going to find a cure one day, and it's great knowing that we were a part of the journey.


mesa said...

it's beautiful Ashley! It looks GREAT!

kristine said...

this is so beautiful! what a talented husband...i wish mine sewed!