Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Idle Hands

I have nothing to do, and it's driving me nuts. I've spent so long focusing on getting the nursery together and trying to get good deals on a lot of different baby items that now that we're at a standstill I'm going crazy. Rob wants to work on the 2nd bedroom slowly, and I understand why he doesn't want to jump head first into another big project so soon. But I need something to occupy my time. I have several hobbies I could work on, but they're not interesting me right now. We will work on the quilt square for Maddie this weekend, and hopefully get it in the mail on Monday. But I need more than that to focus on. One of my online buddies blogged about all the different activities and hobbies she's doing to pass the time while she waits for a placement. I'm trying to use that as a kick in the ass for me to do something besides bitch, moan, watch the clock, sleep, and shop. I'm going to start working with my beginner's knitting set that's been sitting in my office for months. I got interested in knitting while I was in the hospital pregnant with Madison, and my mother-in-law would sit with me and work on knitting a baby blanket. She showed me a couple of things, but I was only kind of interested at the time. So it's about time I got focused on something cheaper than eBay.


mesa said...

the waiting is the hardest part but try to find something to do that YOU enjoy. You definately have to put the room together slowly. Of course when you get the placement you are going to run around like crazy like you have NOTHING.. that's what we did. But till then.. leave a little bit of fun for when the little darling arrives at your home.
I did my embroidering.. something to do with your hands is great.. good luck!

Dream Mommy said...

Have you offered to do respite care? We're getting an 8 mo boy tomorrow, but just for the weekend. He has a feeding tube and not many can handle it, so we're giving the foster family a break. That way you can spoil them and send them back, just like grandparents.

Maddie's Mom said...

I will let our case worker know that's we want to do respite care too. She's coming on Monday for our 2nd visit. Thanks for reminding me about that option. I hope you all have a great time this weekend.