Saturday, August 9, 2008

Shop Til U Drop

I've been shopping and cleaning up a storm this weekend. Friday started with me finally remembering the whole problem with BPA and bottles. I can't believe that I forgot all about it when I was buying bottles. I heard all about it a while back on the Today show, but at that point we didn't have any plans of having a baby anytime soon so it slipped my mind. Until I was reading an article in Parents magazine Friday morning before work that was talking about what new BPA free bottles were on the market now. I went and checked my Soothie and Playtex Ventaire bottles for the recycle symbol or the numbers on the bottom of the bottle that the article said to look for, but they didn't have any numbers or symbols on the bottom except for a patent number. I researched online for a while and couldn't find anything concrete to tell me if these bottles had BPA or not, so I just emailed the company directly. A couple of hours later I got a response I didn't want. Yep, the bottles I had stalked online in several auctions were bottles that shouldn't even be on the market. WTF? So it was back to the drawing board to find some affordable and good bottles that are free of BPA. The good thing was that I was able to return a lot of my bottles to Wal-M*art since they were brand new in the package even though I only bought 2 of them from there. I replaced all of my larger 9 ounce bottles with Parent's Choice BPA free bottles from Wallieworld for only $2.96 for each set of 3. I still need to replace my smaller 4 ounce bottles which will probably be Evenflo tinted BPA free bottles from BRU. So now I just need to put the remaining Soothie bottles up for auction to hopefully make back what I spent on them. If someone else is willing to use them then that's their choice, but as for me I will not. I will try to avoid any additional dangers for my future babies :)

Today, I met up with my friend, Tina and her son, Wes to shop at an upscale consignment shop that's done every few months for the upcoming season. It's been going on for a couple of days, and today was the last day, but it was also 1/2 price day! I racked up and saved a bunch! I got Rob a like new Eddie Bower backpack baby bag for $5. I tried to stick to 12 months and up clothes since I've got a pretty good supply of 0-9 month clothes right now. The boy clothes were a much better bargain than the girls. Most of the girl clothes that I liked were still $10 and up at half price or a lot of them weren't even half price. So I only got 6 girl outfits, but I got 10 boy pants/overalls and 4 shirts. But I got all of that plus a diaper bag, pacifier pod, hat for only $46! Woohoo! I love a good sale.

But even in all that shopping I couldn't help but notice all the hugely pregnant chicks shopping the consignment sale. I thought to myself that they were there shopping for their reality while I was only shopping for a dream. I wonder when my dreams will become a reality.


mesa said...

WTG on all the good deals A! We really like the playtex drop ins bottles. I'm glad you found some for a good deal though!
Your dream WILL become a reality.. right now yes you can't control the time but you WILL be a mommy again somehow very VERY soon. I have FAITH!

Anonymous said...

I have faith, too! You are doing great pulling all of this stuff together. If you're still bored, feel free to come shop for me, ha! My mom and I went to PB Kids last w/e and the lady was all: Do you have What To Expect When You're Expecting Yet? Awk-ward.

I've been thinking about you. I hope things happen very quickly!

Maddie's Mom said...

Thanks for the review on the Playtex drop-ins. I was looking for those in stores, but everywhere I went they were either out of them or they looked like someone had been using them. But I may order some online to replace my little ones.

Anonymous said...

Soon! Soon! Soon! It will happen soon! A little retail therapy helps, too! And your little baby will be so blessed to have a mom who cares so much!