Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Still Planning

We're 3 days from leaving for our yearly vacation, and I've started my usual spreadsheets of trip stuff. I'm a planning freak, a really big one. First I made a list of every hotel that I would possibly stay in while in Dallas. Then I narrowed that down based on hotel reviews and my brother's advice. Then I took that smaller list and started mapping out the distances from each hotel to the places we plan to go to while staying there. With gas prices the way they are it only makes sense to stay somewhere that's nice and centrally located. So now I'm down to 2 hotels from that original list of 10-15. Once I narrowed down the hotels I started to figure out where we wanted to visit and how far away they are and how can I maximize my gas mileage each day. So far I've picked out 6 places for us to eat because we want to only eat places we can't eat at here. So we're going to have Indian, Chicago style pizza, Italian/Mediterranean and African cuisines. We will go to several museums and the planetarium because we are nerds through and through. So far that's all I've planned since I want us to have some time where we have no plans. It's nice to just mill around somewhere sometimes. Work and life have been so stressful for both of us over the past few months that we desperately need to get away. I can't wait to get on the road.


mesa said...

have a great time Ashley!! Happy Anniversary to you guys!

kristine said...

Love the planning! Have a great time!