Monday, July 2, 2007

Still fighting

Why is this one of the best pictures of my daughter? Why have Robert and I been going around and around trying to get the hospital to give a the clearer picture of her? I wish so much that I was conscious that day when they were taking the pictures because I'd be damned if they would have taken the good picture of their "records" and given us the blurry ones. I'm not at a point in my recovery yet that I can stand to talk to that hospital too much because I will hurt someone. I'm an angry pissed off woman which is not a good thing for anyone.

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mesa said...

Ashley, I know just how you feel. all the regrets from that day that I have..the should haves and the would haves. I really hope you can get the pictures of Maddie from the hospital. I sometimes wonder what else they have that I could know more about Ella. I guess we just have to go forward and keep fighting. But keep your chin up, we are the ones that will always know our daughters beauty better than anyone else and we'll ALWAYS have that. xo