Saturday, July 7, 2007

Date Night

Last night Robert and I had a date with each other. It was nice since it's been a long, long time since we've done that. We've just gotten used to going to the movies sometimes and grabbing a bite to eat on the way home. It was cool going to a nice dinner and then going to see a grown-up movie. We ate at LoneStar Steakhouse, and then went to see Transformers. Yes, I said Transformers. I loved that cartoon when I was growing up. I cried when Optimus Prime died in the movie back when I was 6. So I was leery to see this new version of my childhood heroes. Could anyone capture that love and spirit and excitement in a real movie? But I'm glad I went along with Robert and saw it because it was amazing. I felt like I was 6 years old again and the Autobots were real! I know it's probably cheesy, but I don't care it's refreshing to just let go and have fun.

But the evening had a bad part to it. The evil witch showed up when I got off work. She was 2 days late just to toy with my emotions and give me a little hope. But yet like each month she shows up. Bitch!

Today I've been cleaning and cleaning. Our house has gotten filthy with all the rain and Pakkun tracking in mud through the dog door all the time. But I've got it back in the shape I like, and now Robert has brought his dog home from living with his parents. I'll have to post pictures of Olaf and Pakkun playing later.

Now I'm chilling on the couch after finishing my church stuff watching a Naruto marathon. My favorite anime and show all in one! This is a good evening for me. I get to watch back to back episodes of the knucklehead ninja, Naruto in English!! Since I'm so addicted to the show I go online regularly and watch the Japanese episodes and just read the English subtitles. I have to say the originals are even better than the English versions. But I won't get into my anime love because that will go on and on and on.

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mesa said...

yay for date night! boo for that witch showing up!