Thursday, July 5, 2007

Musical therapy

I've always loved music since I was small. I've been a singer and used to play the piano for years. But until I was older I never really listened to the words. Along with the beautiful pictures I've found over this year, so many songs have touched my heart in different ways. A song opened my eyes about this time last year to stop blaming God for all that went wrong and fall back in His arms because I can't do this on my own. I love and will always love "Praise You in this Storm" by Casting Crowns. A friend of mine even sang this song for me one Sunday in church along with a slide show I put together for it. That song is one of the songs I chose for Maddie's memorial website.

My friend, Mesa, has told me about a lot of songs that are beautiful remembrances of our angels like "Glory Baby" by Watermark and "With Hope" by Steven Curtis Chapman. My other inspirations are "Mountain of God" and "Cry out to Jesus" by Third Day. And this morning I added another song to my list of heart healers. It's called "Someday" by Nichole Nordeman.

Chorus 1
Someday all that's crazy
All that's unexplained will fall into place
And someday all that's hazy
Through a clouded glass
Will be clear at last
And sometimes
We're just waiting for someday

Verse 1
I believe in the rest of the story
I believe there's still ink in the pen
I have wasted my very last day
Tryin' to change
What happened way back when

Verse 2
I believe it's the human condition
We all need to have answers to why
More than ever I am ready to say that I
Will still sleep peacefully
With answers out of reach from me until

Verse 3
We are born with a lingering hunger
We are born unsatisfied
We are strangers
Who can't help but wander
And dream about the other side of

Misc 1
Every puzzle's missing piece
Every unsolved mystery
More than half of every whole
Rests in the hands
That hold you for someday

Misc 2
And someday all that's crazy
All that's unexplained
Will be beautiful beautiful
Someday all that's hazy
Through a clouded glass
Will be clear at last
And sometimes we're just waiting
And waiting for someday

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mesa said...

I definately love the musical therapy that you are talking about. It definately helps me release my emotions and it kinda feels like if someone else is singing all those words they understand too.