Sunday, July 15, 2007

Shut up!!!

All I can saw is what the f*ck!!!! I've been sick with a summer cold or some type of head cold for a couple of days so I've been feeling like crap. But today I felt good enough to do a little shopping. Robert and I went by Toys R Us to look for Transformers stuff because as geeky as it is we both wanted Optimus Prime action figures for our desks at work. I run into a girl that I used to go to high school with that graduated 2 years after I did. I knew she had a baby, but I see her with her 2 year old son and she's big and pregnant with a girl now. She jokes with me because I just happened to be checking out the sales in the Babies R Us section that "You don't have any kids. No one should let you have a baby." I didn't feel like correcting her. I didn't feel like getting upset in front of someone I see maybe once a year at most just passing in a store. But why the hell would you say that to someone that you know has been married for almost 2 years and she's freaking 2 years older than you? If I could have a baby with no problem I would have a baby in my shopping cart instead of my damn purse! People are so ignorant. Don't flaunt your ability to get pregnant and have a baby with no problem. You just don't understand how blessed you are. You don't understand how cutting your words are. We're adults now so act like one. Think before you speak. But you just don't understand.

Hopefully we won't be shopping alone soon. We're praying that our blessing will come soon.


mesa said...

I'm so sorry girl. I wish everyone could understand. I think we both know about ignorance- we've experienced it. ((hugs)) you will have that miracle soon! ♥

Sig said...

Someone said this to you?? Holy cow, let me at 'er, that is disgusting!
You hang in there, your baby is out there. And I bet when you find her/him, s/he will be much cuter than her ignorant children. So THERE! :p

pattyo said...

Ummmm right. All I have to say to that is


trashy bitch!

Sorry, Ash, I can't be sweet and uplifting like Mesa. I am floored by that you-know-what. xoxo I love you.