Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Squeak visited his new doctor on Monday, and he's getting better. Rob took him to the visit and he said that the nurses were very nice and loving with S. The nurse that treated him read over the medical journal that I put together to show all of the visits we've had with no success with the previous doctor. She agreed with us that Squeak's cough and congestion was bad and not "normal" for this area like we've been told before. She put him on the breathing treatments that I've been trying to get for so long without even being asked. She also put him on a new decongestant and refilled one of his better ones that he had been on. Then she sent Rob and S over the the medical mall to have S x-rayed to make sure that there wasn't anything else going on. The x-rays look fine, and he will be going for a follow up visit in 2 weeks. I thank God that we've finally gotten S in to see a real health care professional and not some money grubbing, arrogant asshole!

The breathing treatments have gone ok so far. He fought the 1st couple sessions, but the last 2 he's taken like a trooper. He's been a handful the past 2 days. He alternates between very needy, pissed off, or really giggly.

Tomorrow is our recertification home visit, and I think we've gotten most of the house ready. I just need to vaccume and run the dishwasher. The day after tomorrow is Rob's birthday, and I'm still not sure what we're doing for it. I'm waiting for him to decide. He's already got his gift since it came in hella early from QVC. I got him a netbook or a mini laptop whatever you want to call it. And he's been playing on it for over a week now. I wanted to get something big and something he's been wanting for a while. And easy payments made that a lot more affordable. I just thought about something; he's gotten a computer for his birthday last year and this year. The one last year was a desktop that he had to assemble for the bottom up. I really did marry a huge computer nerd, but I love him anyway.

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Kris said...

Glad the little guy is feeling better! They do get used to the breathing treatments. Hope your hubby has a great bday!