Saturday, February 21, 2009

More Stupidity

Yesterday morning I got a frantic message on my cell about 10:45 from S's social worker. "Call me back as soon as possible. I need to talk to you." I was worried as to what the problem was so I called her back. Social worker was calling because she and the BM were upset and concerned that they went to visit S at the daycare that morning and he didn't have a jacket. His BM wanted to take him outside to play during the visit. WHAT THE FUCK! Yes, usually I say WTF, but this story deserves the full phrase. You called me sounding like the world was coming to an end, frightening me to bitch about a jacket! It's fucking 45 degrees outside! Why the hell are you taking a 7 month old outside to "play"? I explained to her that he had on a jacket that I took with me after I dropped him off because it had spit up on it. I would be bringing another one when I picked him up that evening. She said ok and hung up. I was still in shock that she called me upset over this and that she is dumb enough to think it's ok to go along with the BM wishes to take a sick baby outside in the cold and wind to play. UGHHHHHH! Who's going to have to stay up at night with him and take off work to take him to the doctor when he gets sicker because some stupid teenager wants to play outside with a baby? The social worker and the stupid teenager will be sleeping and going about their lives while I have to take care of the baby they got sicker. And you know that BM will try to blame us for getting him sicker.

When I got to the daycare at noon to give S his breathing treatments, his caregiver told me that the social worker and BM were bitching and complaining that he didn't have a jacket. They said "He's already sick, why doesn't she have a jacket for him?" The daycare worker offered his blanket if they really had to take him outside, but the decided to stay inside. After talking to the daycare, I decided that I needed to call my home development worker and S's worker back. I know I didn't say everything I wanted to say to S's worker, and I want our worker to know the shit that they are doing. But when I called I couldn't get in touch with either of them, but I'm not done. I will talk to both of them on Monday. I have documented everything from the time of the visit and the temp outside. I know that I'm not wrong in thinking that S did not need to be outside "playing". It's freaking February not April!

I really feel like his worker is looking for things to be wrong with us. I know his BM has the whole time we've had him. The worker visited us Monday for our monthly visit. She asked us if we give S any water to drink. We said no. His doctor said he doesn't need any. He gets plenty from formula and the diluted juice we give him. The worker said that BM was concerned because she saw during one of their visits that the other babies at the daycare had water in the fridge, but S didn't. One how the hell do you know what the other babies' water was for? Did you ever think that it may be for formula. Everyone doesn't send pre-made bottles like we do. Two why the hell are you looking at what other parents' send for their kids you have no clue why that child has the things that they have. S is not dehydrated nor does he want for anything. We give him everything he needs. I knew that things like this would happen being a foster parent, but it still pisses me off to no end.

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Kristine said...

This really angers me. Who in the hell is she to judge you, when she's the one who's had her kid taken away? We went to a fost-adopt support group the other night and I heard the same types of stories...