Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I truly believe that there will be in a Wal-Mart in heaven and one in hell. The ones that are in my town and the next town over will be the flagships of the chain in hell. I went last night because I needed to pick up some things to hang wall decor in the nursery and also pack up more of Squeaky's too small clothes. I also wanted to run by Big Lots and raid the Nutrisystem shipment that they got in recently. So I figured we would save gas and go to the walmart that's across the street from where we would be. It's always a ton of fun going shopping with S if he's awake so saving time is always my main objective.

We get to the store which is arranged differently than any other walmart I've ever been in, and makes no sense. Things that are usually near each other are on opposite sides of the store in this place. So after wandering all over the store for our items, we finally checkout with the idiot cashier that has no idea how to ring up a buy one get one free coupon. OMG! He scanned the item and the scanned the coupon and then looked confused. So he voided the item and went to ask someone about the coupon. Then he tried again and then he went to ask the same person another question. We went through this 3 times. And you guessed it, he effing over charged me. I get home and I have been changed for 3 bottles of cleaner, given one free when I only purchased 2 bottles of cleaner! Ughhhhh! It just pisses me off to no end to be overcharged. I don't steal from your store so don't steal from my purse! It will cost me more than the overcharge amount to go back over there to talk to customer service.

Then today I got to check to see why I still haven't gotten an email from walmart about my item I bought online and had shipped to the store on Jan. 29. I've been checking for weeks to see if it was there yet. But the site kept saying it had an estimated delivery date of 2-18. I checked today and it's been sitting in the effing store since 2/11. WTF! No email, not nothing. But it's not like they forgot to take my money for the item 3 weeks ago! Now I have to take the baby back to the store (a different one than the one last night) and deal with more dumbasses to get my comforter set tonight. I freaking hate that store sometimes! I hope I don't whoop somebody's ass tonight.

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Cyberrblue (Colleen) said...

Ug, the last walmart I was in was like that. Makes me really glad that there are none within a 100 mile radius of my house.

So sorry you had such a difficult time.