Monday, April 5, 2010

Home Again

Well, we are back in the house again after a week of living in a hotel and spending up money that we needed for other things. The company that was hired to dry the place out finished up Friday, but things were in horrible condition. We have no flooring left except for our tiny kitchen, laundry room, and computer room. The house was and is dirty as hell. It doesn't matter how many times I sweep I turn around and there's dirt and crap on the floor again. We ended up spending another couple of hundred dollars to have a clean out drain put in after arguing with the water company for a day. We were planning on having one put in, in the future for convenience of clearing drain clogs that may occur. But when the water company said that we had to put one in just because they wanted to use their own camera to see where the pipe problem was instead of using our plumber's camera, I was not taking that crap laying down. After a few loud conversations on the phone with the water company (and mentioning that we have an attorney), they agreed to use the plumber's camera. The sucking thing was that the plumber's camera could not get to where we needed to prove where the problem was. So unless we wanted to take the chance that we would be wrong and we would have to pay to have the street dug up to prove where the problem was we had to have the clean-out drain installed.

Today the water co came back out, and found the problem is actually still on our property. At this point I'm fine with this because I can finally see a light at the end of this horrible time. The insurance adjuster will come by Wednesday, and hopefully we can get to ordering our new flooring soon.

Another problem we discovered when we came home was that the dishwasher was no longer draining, and smelled like several dead bodies when we opened it after being gone for a week. The garbage disposal had died on us a few weeks ago, and now it was keeping the dishwasher from draining. Thank God that the plumber that's been helping us told Rob somethings to try before he came out that saved us some $$. Now the garbage disposal and the dishwasher are working again.

Well, I'm no longer on bed rest and my blood pressure is better. It's not as low as we would like, but it's borderline for now. I'm keeping track of my readings, and praying that my body doesn't give out on us again like last time. I had a follow-up visit today, and got another ultrasound. The baby is doing great, and kicking up a storm. We still haven't been able to determine the gender yet, but we have another ultrasound scheduled for 2 weeks from now. I'm praying that our little one will cooperate and show us the goods.

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