Saturday, April 24, 2010

We're having a ....

We had our gender ultrasound this past week, and God has blessed me with another daughter. I was beyond thrilled when the tech confirmed what I had been hoping the whole time. She was so hyper that the tech had a problem getting some of the measurements that she wanted to get so I will have another ultrasound probably in a few weeks. But she was able to measure and confirm the big things so that's great. Little girl is measuring almost 2 weeks ahead of the due date that my OB has down for me, and she's been this way since the beginning. OB won't change it because I will most likely deliver early. He would rather have a 8 pound "preemie" rather than move up my date and deliver the baby even earlier for no reason. I'm hoping that I can make it to 36 weeks, and my scheduled section date rather than have another emergency situation. I'm not worried about them not getting the measurements this time because I know that I've been getting very detailed ultrasounds from my high risk doctor, and I'll be back there this week for my 4 week appointment.

So now I'm back to shopping and researching, but now I can look at specific colors. I've started coming up with ideas for the nursery while working on Fuzzy's big boy room that he will move into in the next few weeks. Rob has the other bedroom painted and we're just waiting to get the floors installed so we can put the furniture where it needs to go. I'm hoping for an easy transition from the crib to the toddler bed. Keep your fingers crossed!

I've been feeling my little girl more and more the past 2 weeks which is wonderful. I'm slowly closing in on my next goal which is 24 weeks. I'm thankful that my OB is watching me very closely because I'm getting close to when things started going downhill the last time. So once I'm to 24 weeks my goals will become weekly. Each week that passes is getting me closer and closer to bringing home a healthy baby girl this summer.

I know I haven't been good about posting pics on here so here are a couple from last week. :)




Carrie said...

She is already gorgeous- congrats on having another little girl!!! I know Madison is in heaven right now telling her about what wonderful parents you will both be.
Praying for you and for continued good news.

mesa said...

congrats on the girl! So excited for you guys!
I wanted to give you a tip on the toddler bed situation. When we found out A was coming home we made E a big girl room and I tried to transition her to a toddler bed at that time in her brand new room. HUGE FAIL. If I were you, I'd make his big boy room, move the crib, let him get used to that room in the crib and THEN do the transition to the bed. E's new room was about a week transition even in her crib. But when we just recently transitioned to a toddler bed it was SUPER easy, and I think because she was used to the room already. Good luck momma! You are in my prayers! ♥

niobe said...

What wonderful news! I'll be watching and hoping and praying for you and your little girl.