Saturday, April 10, 2010


I know I'm behind responding to some comments that people left me when I was so upset and confused a couple of weeks ago. I didn't mean to ignore anyone, and I appreciate people's suggestions. You never know who will have the answer that you've been looking for. Jill, I'm not taking any type of injections at this time. My perinatologist put me on 65 mg of procardia once a day and a baby aspirin for my blood pressure and hopefully preclampsia prevention or at least delaying its onset as long as possible. I'm also on a low dose of glyburide for my diabetes. The last week I have been having wonderful blood pressure readings with no increase in medicines which is different than with my first pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Madison and my blood pressures when up the only thing that would lower them at all was more medicine. My medicine was being increased constantly, but it would only work for a little while. I'm praying that things remain good. My next goal is to make it past 24 weeks. And then on to the 3rd trimester.

Babs, I'll get in contact with you off the blog. Thanks for your help.

Our next chance to get a look at the baby's gender will be on the 19th. It seems like forever away, but I've got plenty on my plate at work to keep me busy and hopefully make the time pass quickly. Rob thinks we're having a boy because of the fact that the baby seems to have a bigger, more pronounced skull compared to Madison when she was several weeks older than this baby. Also this one is much more active and kickier. I'm still hoping and praying for a little girl. I've got a son to raise, and I would love to have that daughter to raise to.

Things are still up in the air about the house. The insurance adjuster was supposed to come by last Wednesday, but didn't show. He finally called and said he was him and his family was sick, and he should be by Monday afternoon. Hopefully we will be able to recoup some of of our lost money and move forward to getting our home back to a state of normalcy soon.

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